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Makes Jack a bright boy.

Coming Soon on:

Android, iOS

StorYour: Mr. President
Roles: Producer / Game Designer

Storyour is a text-based narrative adventure based on the Reigns idea. It’s a satirical take on the political aspect of adventure games. You play as a succession of presidents as you follow them through their climb to power and eventual downfall. To accompany the core storey gameplay, the game has branching narratives and extra gaming components.

Coming Soon on:

NFT Blockchain

Roles: Game Designer

DopeWarZ is a large Metaverse with a virtual economy that allows users to purchase and sell virtual DrugZ in order to gain transferable digital goods.

Life in Willowdale

Available on:

Steam, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch

Life in Willowdale
Role: Game Designer

The once thriving town of Willowdale is in ruins! Your uncle, Mayor Moneybags calls for your help. Return to your family’s farm to help restore harmony between the people and nature! It is time to light the way for the lost people of the town by reigniting their passion and helping them appreciate the beauty of Willowdale!

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