Nero Nova – A Cosmic Collab

Nero Nova — A Cosmic Collab


Places humans will never reach, — feelings we will never feel.

What is Nero Nova?

It’s a collaboration between two multidisciplinary artists who physically exist in different geographical locations but in this experimental artwork, they fuse those realities together to form this hypnotic idea of Nero Nova.

Check it out at KnownOrigin

About Zach Murray

Initially starting out with science-fiction garments, I found that I enjoyed the creation of digital art far more interesting, and far more inspiring than the “clothing bit”. This was 2 years ago, with no previous experience in digital art I’ve taught myself with hours and hours of YouTube tutorials, looking for ways to build on what I have learned to add my own twist to techniques.

This happens all of the hours outside of my full-time day job. I challenge myself to create as close to my imagination as possible – this is quite like chasing a moving objective as I want to achieve greater heights of creation whilst adding value to other peoples lives also. This why I am here. Why be popular but not useful?

I’ve featured in one small exhibition in Bristol, UK. A great experience which has driven me to carry on creating, I dream to do more!

I’m from London, a baby in the digital art universe, and look forward to growing in the blockchain.

Extraordinary visuals need extraordinary score.

King Kai and the Mandem

King Kai and the Mandem is the original score composed by Zach Murray for Nero Nova. It combines elements from different cultures and gives off this really sick vibe which goes with the overall look and feel of Nero Nova.

Blow is Zach explaining Nero Nova and King Kai and the Mandem.

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